Victor Technology 6500 review

Victor Technology 6500

Victor Technology is a supplier of a scientific calculator, basic calculator, printing calculator, and desktop accessories.

Victor products are sold throughout the united states and Canada through office supply dealers. Victor Adding machine co., it was a fledgling company in 1918.

The man-Carl Buehler-is owner of the company. In 1921, carl selected his son, he is a 24-year-old young man As a vice president of operations and asked him to operate the company and treat every employees right.carl also believed in reinvesting so that the company can grow. Carl Buehler died in 1932. During world war II,

victor manufactured an aircraft compass the Nordan bombsight. After the war, victor had all necessary thing in the adding machine industry.they made quality products,

efficient factory, effective sales organization, and a good service department. Therefore victor becomes worlds largest manufacturer of adding machines in 1947.

In 1953, victor went into the cash register business and the McCaskey register company. In 1965 victor comptometer produced the victor 3900, electronic calculator with multiple functions

and a smart CRT display this was designed for desktop use, it was extremely large and heavy. Due to manufacturing difficulties, manufacturing was stopped in 1967.

After 1967, Victor starts designing electronics into victor products. In 1971, 1800 was introduced as an electronic calculator. In 1973, an electronic dot-matrix printer was introduced.

In August 1984, they made an agreement with Datatronic AB of Sweden to buy 90% of victor technologies. In 1985 February 5, the purchase was 2006 the assets of DMJCO, inc were coming up with the existing management team of Jordan's finger and john Ringlein and company's name was changed as a victor technology LLC.In 2007 victor technology released the V12 financial calculator.

The PL8000 printing calculator was launched in 2008. victor technology 6500 works great. it has solar power with battery backup.

> This calculator is Extra-large 21mm LCD angled display for easy viewing

>Loan Wizard for easy calculations

> It has 3 key independent memory, solar power with battery backup.

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